Мебель фабрики Lane

Lane continuously works to offer its employees the latest technology. We were the first company to test the use of the CNC (computer numerical control) Bandsaw, a precision cutter that cuts all of the wood-frame patterns for our products. Today, we have seven of these machines in our manufacturing facilities. We also use CNC wood cutting routers.

Another machine that is used in the production of Lane products is the Gerber Cutter, which cuts fabric in as many as 35 layers at a time. This computerized cutting of wood and fabric produces more precise measures and results in less material waste. The resulting products also feature patented mechanisms designed by our engineers. This keeps control in our hands, allowing us to offer a limited lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts in each of our products. Our computerized inventory management system allows products to be tracked for exact location at anytime during the manufacturing process. Lane manages to stay one step ahead of the competition by continuously searching for the latest technology to use in the production of our products.